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Home visit policy

Policy reviewed

Nursery manager


At little people we recognise that parents/ carers are their children’s first and most enduring educators. Forming relationships with parent/ carers and working closely is beneficial for each child’s learning and development.

We hope to establish a partnership between parent/ carer and staff where both parties share their knowledge and understanding of the child to plan stimulating and challenging learning opportunities as well as planning to meet each child’s individual needs.

It is our policy to visit the children at home before they enter Nursery, where possible. We offer home visit to every family along with settling in sessions for their child at nursery. Time is taken to find out about the child’s likes, dislikes and interest, visits are not to judge parents/ cares parenting skills but to offer parents/ carers the opportunity to ask questions and gather any information needed from staff to support the transition.


Home visits have many benefits for both parents/ cares and staff.  For parents and children, a visit gives them the opportunity to meet the key person in a safe environment where they feel confident and at ease. The visit provides the opportunity to;

*Establish early, positive contact.

*See children in their own familiar setting.

*Meet other family member people and pets who are important to the children.

* Understand the anxieties children may feel when starting nursery and understanding the wealth of learning that goes on at home.

This all helps staff providing care for children to get a fuller picture. Staff can gain lots of information to inform their planning from observing a child where he or she feels settled and in control.



To share information between parents/ carers, staff and children. Providing a starting point for staff to understand family background, including cultural background.

Ensure children feel that they are valued and have a familiar face when starting at nursery.

To provide an opportunity for parents/ carers to talk about their child and the nursery, to voice concerns, clear up any misunderstandings and to lessen worries and fears.

To establish effective procedures to ensure the safety of parents/carers, staff and children during the visits.

To ensure parents /carers understand the purpose and procedure before the visit.

Before their home visit parents/cares complete questionnaires during registration, asking parents /carers to comment on their views and feeling about the transition into nursery. This is used to support parents /carers and inform staff of what additional information will be required at each visit. Tailoring our home visits to the individual needs of the family.



During registration parents will be informed of the following:

Who will be attending and when.

How long the visit is expected to last

What will happen

What kind of questions will be asked

What information staff will bring

Any information the key person would like from the parents/carer during the visit

Appointments should be confirmed in writing to parents /carers on a welcome email and recorded in the nursery diary and home visits diary; which are both kept in the office.

Home visits will take place on day that is a convenient time for everyone; this will be established during registration.

To explain the child’s learning journey and complete any background information with key person, in their absence another member of staff from the child’s area will conduct the home visit along with an additional member of staff.

Staff will be briefed about the area they are visiting and the location.

Parents are informed about the nursery website and its content as well as provided with hard copies of nursery policies if requested.

If parents /cares are not at home when staffed visit, then a card will be posted to let them know we called.

Staff will leave the following information at before the visit, in the home visit nursery diary.

If there is a change t plan after leaving nursery or the child’s home then the nursery must be informed must be informed.

Staff are expected to have their mobile phones switched on at all times and must make parents /carers aware of this during the home visit.

If staff feel uncomfortable in the child’s home then they should leave immediately, reporting back to management at the nursery.

An evaluation of each visit must be recorded by staff when they return back to nursery and settling in records must be complteted along with a thank you letter sent to the parents/carers.

Any incidents that may occur during a home visit must be recorded in writing.

Any actions agreed during a home visit should be recorded and confirmed with parents/carers.

Visits will be carried out in pairs, allowing one staff member to speak with the parents/carers and the other to interact with the child. This enables parents/carers to talk without worrying about the child as well as providing opportunity to observe the child at play in a familiar environment.

What staff may wish to take on a home visit.

Take a home visit pack; this is kept in the office in the red folder labelled ‘home visits’. Take a selection of toys from the nursery. As this enables the child to choose whether to play with a familiar or unfamiliar toy, providing a source for interaction.

Take information from nursery to discuss with parents/carers.

Take the child’s entry records to check details and ensure that all evidence has been seen prior to the child starting nursery.

Take photographs of children exploring and learning in the setting.

Take an evaluation form for parents and carers to complete.

Take a learning journey to show parents and explain, as well gathering photos etc…. from parents/ carers to include in the journey for when the child starts at nursery.

The policy will be reviewed as part of the nurseries monitoring cycle.